January 27, 2021


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CNN REPORTER, Aisha Salaudeen Harzoyka Cries Out “A Restaurant In Lagos Threw Me Out For Not Coming With Man – Food – SIXT-MEDIA LANE

Nigerian journalist and producer of CNN Africa, Aisha Salaudeen, has called out a restaurant in the Ikeja area of Lagos for allegedly refusing to let her and her female colleague, eat inside their restaurant on November 8, because they weren’t accompanied by a man, IgbereTV reports.

Her tweets read:

“I got kicked out of Harzoyka restaurant in GRA Ikeja today because according to them, they have a new policy – no women allowed. This is a restaurant I’ve visited multiple times in the past few years.”

“When I pressed about why I was been hushed out, I was told that to eat in there I had to be chaperoned by a man. I was too stunned to comment, I cannot have a meal because I’m a woman? @MsAdeola and I had to eat somewhere else.”