January 18, 2021


First-hand with Information

I Wish Someone Told Me This Before My NYSC

Many people see NYSC as an opportunity to save money for the challenges ahead. I believe this isn’t the best mindset to carry into NYSC.

I advise you to see NYSC as a great opportunity to learn, gather experience and make connections if you truly have a plan for your life.

You can ‘work’ yourself into a public school for your primary assignment (PPA), work for two or three days a week and use your free time to learn skills like graphic design, programming, data science, fashion designing, project management etc.

You also get to meet bright minds from other schools. They may be poor today but only God knows what tomorrow holds. Besides that, you get to share ideas that can open your mind to opportunities and trigger your innovation and creativity. So, NYSC is a great avenue for healthy and useful socialization.

Finally, the allawee is enough to live a reasonable life (at least for your one year service). You can offer to work for free in a private company. In the real sense it isn’t free because you’re gathering experience and building a portfolio. For example, you may offer to work in a private university in exchange for no monthly stipends. At least after your NYSC, you can boast in your CV that you have lecturing experience.

Finally, if you love yourself and have plans for your future, please avoid private secondary schools. Don’t be enticed with their 5,000-10,000 monthly stipend.

Firstly, that 10k will not improve your welfare reasonably. Also, there’s little or no useful experience to acquire in a private secondary school. Finally, they’ll consume every calorie in your body and second of your time. You won’t have time for any personal development.

I wish I had someone to tell me this during my service year. I hope this will help someone.

In conclusion.
Please don’t see NYSC as a money-making scheme. The 400k per year can’t take you anywhere. However, it can help you think worry less about hunger and focus on self-development for a year.
…and year is enough to learn whatever you want to learn.