January 28, 2021


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Mali Coup: Confused African Youth Parliament Demands Return To Democratic Rule Still Commends The Protest For The Removal Of The President!

African Youth Parliament, the umbrella body of youth of African descent has condemned the Military coup in Mali, describing it as unacceptable under any guise.

The youth body with presence in 56 African countries made its stand known via a release in Nigeria by its Speaker, Rt. Hon. Bamikole Oladele Babs, through the Head of Communications and Public Affairs Com. Abdulrasheed Akogun on Monday.


The group while frowning at the truncation of democratic rule in Mali, decried the military intervention, stressing that “the era of military intervention in administration of Countries is no more fashionable and against the world best practices. Regardless of the challenges that led to the intervention, military rule can never be a solution or remedy for issues arising from the democratic experiments.

“We commend the efforts and vigor of the Malian youth for taking it upon themselves to fight and strengthen their democracy. The peaceful protest they led showing grievances against the democratically elected government, shows the African youth will no longer be docile or passive on issues of governance.

“It’s indeed saddening that rather than allow the constitutionally guaranteed self appraisal and readjustment models, the military in Mali, have snatched and truncated the process and thereby strangulating democratic governance, which in all ramifications should not be the direction Africa as a continent wants to journey down again.

“It is on that note, we demand the immediate and unconditional return to democratic rule in Mali, while also demanding the release of the arrested officials of the former government to African Union or its representatives to accommodate especially the overthrown President – Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in any of the African Countries.

“We hope this latest incident will serve as a reality check for politicians and Heads of Government across the continent circumventing the constitution and democratic tenets to perpetuate themselves in power, against the constitutionally guaranteed limit.

“We salute the leadership dexterity of ECOWAS, Heads of governments, various committees and International communities and admonish them not to relent in the struggle for a democratically restructured government in Mali and indeed the entirety of African continent.

” On our part, the African Youth Parliament are in constant talks with our representatives in Mali and other relevant stakeholders, we hereby unequivocally state that we stand for a bloodless, nonviolent and generally acceptable resolution of the imbroglio.

“It’s noteworthy to particularly commend former President of Nigeria – Goodluck Jonathan (peace envoy) for his numerous and untiring troubleshooting efforts towards ensuring quick resolution of the crises without blood letting. In the same vein, we commend the efforts of ECOWAS, Africa Union and indeed, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

“While encouraging them to continue in their selfless and sincerest quest for a united, peaceful and resourceful Africa, we enjoin them all to henceforth be proactive in their approach to issues across the Africa continent; if they have shown the concern and zeal we are seeing now, when the overthrown President was scheming to rape the constitution by perpetuating himself in power, maybe we would not have been in this situation of Military intervention” it concluded

Rt. Hon. Bamikole Oladele Babs
Speaker, African Youth Parliament

Com. Abdulrasheed Akogun
Head Communications and Public Affairs