January 27, 2021


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On EndSars Matter:h Hoodlums Loot Awolowo’s Glasses(photos)

Make Men Still Get Conscience Small: No Chill As Hoodlums Loot Awolowo’s Glasses(photos)

Lagos na wah, nothing that will not start and end in Lagos. The #EndSARS protest na Lagos start am, even the ongoing warehouse heist was started by Lagos.

Now which one is the looting of the late SAGE, Obafemi Awolowo’s glasses again? The great sage played an important role in the formation of Nigeria.

So why would the people want to ridicule our heroes past? Recall Nnamdi Azikiwe’s statue was vandalized in Onitsha

Was the statue even wearing glasses? If it was moulded alongside the statue how was it taken away without defacing the statue?

Because only a closer look would confirm the looting of the glasses.

And the funny aspect is when you take a look at the statue without the glasses it characterizes a real-life situation of someone who uses one and takes it off…the looks on his face.

The Awolowo statue was erected during the administration of former Lagos governor Akinwumi Ambode, in recognition of the late former lawyer, nationalist’s contribution to the country’s democracy.

Here are photos of the defaced Awolowo statue: