January 22, 2021


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… extends New Year Greetings to Ndigbo worldwide!

Prince Okey Nwadinobi, one of the leading contestants for the position of Secretary-General in Ohanaeze, the Igbo apex socio-cultural organization, has again, re-affirmed his readiness to serve the organisation and by extension Ndi-Igbo diligently, if elected as the Secretary-General.

Prince Okey Nwadinobi who is a proud Igbo son and a man known worldwide for promoting the cause of the Igbo nation, said it is with a deep sense of responsibility and humility, that he presents himself for the position of Secretary-General in the forthcoming Ohanaeze elections, slated for January 10, 2021

He said if elected as the Sec-Gen of the organisation, he will ensure that in keeping with the motto of Ohanaeze, “Igwebuike” all organs will be galvanized into a formidable collective body that will stand Ohanaeze out as the backbone for the people’s movement and rallying platform for Ndi-Igbo from all walks of life.

Prince Okey Nwadinobi further reiterated that if elected his mission as the Secretary-General will be to serve with passion, commitment and dedication.

He equally promised to uphold every aspect of the Constitution of Ohanaeze, saying he will promote team effort, collaboration, respect and dignity of every Ohanaeze executive office.

He assured that he will also work with the members of NEC to build on past efforts at strengthening relationships internally with Igbo groups and individuals, as well as externally with other ethnic nationalities to continously advocate and support the enthronement of internationally acceptable living conditions for all Nigerians.

“In summary, I stand up to offer to serve Ohanaeze in order to contribute to advance Ndigbo greatness” Prince Nwadinobi emphasized

He said his action plans, which will form the key thrust of his role as Secretary-General if elected, will be to provide and support a working environment of harmony, involvement, trust and unity of purpose amongst the members of the National Executive Committee.

He said as Secretary-General he will abide and play the role outlined in the Constitution of Ohanaeze dutifully, stressing that he will promote the recognition of the talented and richly endowed to participate actively on behalf of Ndigbo in all spheres of human endeavors.

To further affirm his readiness for the position, Prince Okey Nwadinobi said another edge he has in the race for the office of Secretary-General is the location of his residence. He said his current residential and purpose-built 20 room business office location in Enugu places him in the best advantage as a candidate to be on the ground to serve Ohanaeze most efficiently.

He added that these locations in Independence Layout, behind Government House, Enugu, provide easy access to the headquarters of Ohanaeze and the four Federal Highways that link Alaigbo.

Based on the foregoing, he assured that carrying out his responsibilities as the Secretary-General would be much easier and he will hit the ground running if elected

Prince Nwadinobi further promised that as a natural team player, he will be focused and he will work assiduously with other members of Ohanaeze National Executive Committee, especially the President-General to realize the aims and objectives of Ohanaeze Ndigbo as well as make the organisation a greater and more respectable force for the common good of all Ndigbo in Nigeria and beyond

“So, with my extensive experience and possessing the requisite administrative and intellectual high sense of responsibility expected of the office of Secretary-General of Ohanaeze in the management of the day-to-day activities of the apex Igbo organization, I hereby solicit your valuable support and backing for the election due on January 10, 2020” Prince Nwadinobi subtly appealed

Prince Okey Nwadinobi in the spirit of the Christmas season, wishes Ndigbo worldwide a happy New year, assuring them of a brighter future in the year 2021, inspite of the enormous difficulties and challenges faced in 2020!

He appealed to them to remain peaceful and law-abiding in their respective places of residence, both within and outside the country!